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Health and wellness

Health and wellness

Why washing up can really give you a headache.

The “under the weather” feeling, that minor health problems can cause, can really get us down. Those vague symptoms feel more annoying and uncomfortable rather than the onset of serious illness.

Head aches, tummy upsets, aches in our bones and muscles, dry skin, lifeless hair, restless nights and a lack of energy, are some of the notable problems. Many symptoms may be created by seemingly innocent products in our home and workplace. The vast health and beauty product market sells countless wonder cures for all our needs, but the cocktails we make at our home could actually be making us sick.

There is little point in slapping on the anti-wrinkle eye gel if we walk around scouring at people, because our heads hurt.

It is products in combination with a multitude of other elements present in most homes that become a dangerous, untested cocktail.

We expose our bodies, which are delicate mechanisms and those of our children to this harmful mixture of chemicals 24 hours a day, everyday.

Over 1,000 chemicals are currently available to manufacturers of cosmetics and toiletries that are suspected to have harmful effects. Some of them survive sewage works and can be detected in the sea. more than 5 billion units of personal hygiene products, deodorants, Shampoos, toothpastes, sunscreen, etc. are sold everyday in the E.U. Many of the toxic substances are able to pass through our bodies, filtered by our digestion, kidneys and liver, however especially those used as preservative remain and accumulate. Itis this accumulative cocktail that reacts to the numerous chemicals around us.

Formaldehyde, much valued in industry as a binder and preservative is used in hundreds of products and building materials.

Although it’s presence in each product is small the cumulative effect of many items together in an enclosed space will cause fatigue, headaches, nausea, sore eyes and throat, breathing difficulties and nose bleeds in children. Once used in cavity wall insulation foam, it is now banned in many countries, but is still present in house hold cleaners. Add this nasty recipe to the medications, some of us have to take, (and nearly always contain some or all chemical compounds) on a regular or long term basis, plus cold remedies, antiseptic creams, pills for the headaches and other symptoms (often the chemicals have created) and you can see immediately what an assortment of possible problems we are causing.

Compounds of Hydrocarbons and chlorine form the basis of many synthetic chemicals and are found in vaporous cleaners, air fresheners and polishes and are of the most toxic and persistent. These are known as Volatile Organic Compounds V.O.S.’s. Ammonia, Turpentine, and Acetone in solvents. Naphthalene in moth balls and Chlorine in beach can seriously damage your kidneys and liver.

Formaldehyde, even in tiny amounts enters our bodies every time we wash the dishes without gloves, and it does not go away, ever! Strangely enough it is also in most beauty products which we use on a daily basis, soap, shampoo, talcum powder, (even most baby products) perfume, sun screen, nail polish and remover, defoliants, moisturisers, hairsprays and setting lotions, all of the shaving products, and our precious make up boxes. It is interesting to count at the end of the day, how many products we have used and what chemicals we have been exposed to. It is usually about 15 different chemicals on any typical day!

The new scientist reported that perfumes may cause headaches. Chanel No 5 is considered to be the epitome of timeless fragrance, but its subtleties have changed over the years. ” Regulations introduced since it was created in 1921 have forced many of the original ingredients out of the perfumer’s palette. New European legislation may further insist that other cosmetics be reformed or removed from the shelves completely”. Many chemical manufacturers worry that this will force them to retest chemicals that they have been using for years, at a huge cost.

A little dab of a sexy smelly behind the ear will not kill us, but when we add it to everything else in our make up bag, bathroom shelve and med cabinet the combination is powerful. Our sweet smelling indulges may be giving other people a headache too, like passive smoking.