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Lettuces in December

Photo by Iris Svelto Visualmedia

Gela Studios demonstrates their organic micro-climate gardens that can produce remarkable results.

Eco gardener/farmer David Pulido Borobia Arjuna says,

“When there is good soil, water and aprotected corner of your vegetable garden, it is even possible to grow some delicate vegetables out of season, in abundance.”

David apart from being head gardener at Gela Studios is also a yoga teacher and masseur, he says,

“Gardens are a lot like people, they thrive in a stress-free environment and enjoy being cared for.”

Ana de Partearroyo Frances, Administrator says, “At Gela Studios, we examine all aspects of sustainable rural living to seek and share practical solutions to financial security.”

Gela Studios is a non profit NGO specializing in Rural Sustainable Solutions.

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