We inhabit a beautiful and relatively un-commercialised corner of Spain. 

A place where advice is often not available in English if at all. Therefore Gela has taken up the slack and we have focused our energies in assisting new rural settlers.

Gela’s unique concept is fresh and exciting and has become a catalyst for rural sustainability.

The hard work, talent and passion of our international team at Gela are a pragmatic mix of amazing creativity and energy.

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The rural environment in Spain covers 90% of the territory but only 20% of the population resides in it.

Many of the challenges for rural people are universally shared. Therefore we focus our energies in practical solutions that will benefit the whole community.

Assisting, promoting and supporting new projects through our extensive network is our greatest pleasure.

Our NGOs’ main objective is to assist sustainable living in rural areas

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Environmental  Social  Economic  sustainability for rural settlers

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